Visit to team by members of 25th Warrington East (St.Wilfreds) Grappenhall Scouts.

This morning the team welcomed to its Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ some very special visitors from the 25th Warrington East (St.Wilfreds) Grappenhall Scout Group.

Regular readers may recall that way back in April 2008, the Scout Group visited the team on an evening trip to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to find out about the work and role of the team.

This visit resulted in the Scouts deciding to fundraise for the team, which culminated in the presentation of an amazing £615.31 donation to the team at the Scouts Grappenhall Village HQ on 12th December 2008.

As well as presenting at the time to all the Scouts who had taken part in this very kind fundraising for the team with a Certificate of Thanks, the team offered to give the three Scouts who had raised the most money a ’Grand Day Out with the Team.’

For various reasons it has taken over 11 months to arrange this, but today two out of the three Scouts who had raised the most for the team visited the team along with their parents, and two other Scouts (and their parents) who represented the other members of the 25th Warrington East (St.Wilfreds) Grappenhall.

With ten team Call Out list members on hand, all the Scouts and their parents were met by Team Training Officer Andrew Ryding, who introduced them to the other members present, and then gave all a conducted tour of our Base / HQ.
This was followed by a look over our Team Vehicles and the search and rescue equipment carried on board, then some practical stretcher handling for the Scouts and their parents in the grounds of Ladybridge Hall.

After lunch, it was off to Anglezarke Quarry, with the Scouts in our Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances and the parents following in their own cars and yes they were envious of their children being in the team vehicles.

At Anglezarke Quarry, Scouts and parents had a number of go’s at abseiling, using the teams specialist ’Pro Allp’ descenders,all of course on back up safety lines.

All then returned to Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for a debrief on the day, tea and cakes.

By all accounts, the Scouts (and their parents !) had a fantastic day out with us, happily filling in our Base / HQ Visitors book with some very kind comments.
The following Scouts from the 25th Warrington East (St.Wilfreds) Grappenhall Scout Group visted us today,

  • Hannah Whiteley, Assistant Patrol Leader, Hawk Patrol.
  • Sarah Whiteley, Scout, Cobra Patrol.
  • Ross McKinnon, Assistant Patrol Leader, Bulldog Patrol.
  • Ellie McGann, Patrol Leader, Eagle Patrol.
  • And of course not forgetting the parents, Mum and Dad, Andy and Chris Whiteley, and Dads Andy McKinnon and Alan McGann.

Finally all the team would yet again like to take the opportunity to thank all the Scouts , Leaders and helpers at 25th Warrington East (St.Wilfreds) Grappenhall, including our valued friend Scout Leader Denis Ward, for their very kind, thoughtful and appreciated support of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Please also see website ’news’ articles dated 18th April 2008 and 12th December 2008. Scout Phoebe Stocker who was amongst the prize winners last year sadly couldn’t attend today.