Incident 83/2009

In the early hours of the morning at 03:05 hours our Team Leader received a direct call from Greater Manchester Police requesting urgent search assistance with a missing man in the Bury area.

Establishing this call was in that part of Bury under Rossendale & Pendle MRTs operational area, our Team Leader immediately liaised with Andy Simpson the TL of RPMRT (who appreciated the early morning call!)

In regards to the urgency of this search and the fact that it was a work day it was decided to make this incident a joint response call.

A full team callout was initiated at 03:33 hours resulting in 11 Bolton MRT members responding.

At circa 05:00 hours our team members met up with RPMRT members at the Clarence Recreation Ground RVP in the Chesham area of Bury.

The incident involved a missing 34 year old male with concern for his wellbeing.

BMRT and RPMRT members concentrated in a search of local woodlands, whilst GMP officers conducted search operations nearer the built up areas.

Conditions during the search varied from heavy sleet showers to persistent heavy rain with ground conditions underfoot very wet and muddy.

With daylight the Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit joined in the search.

With no let-up in the rain by mid-morning the areas tasked to the MRTs were completed and by circa 10:30 our part in the operation was stood down.

Update: On the afternoon of Saturday 28th November following continuing GMP searches both ourselves and RPMRT (with our team working under the direction of RPMRT) were contacted by GMP to search new areas commencing Sunday 29th November. Just shortly after this call came the sad news that the body of the missing man had been located in the Freetown area of Bury outside the actual and planned search areas.