Donations arising from our former 250 Club

The team operated a 250 club prize draw for a great many years but recently suspended the draw due to amongst other things the difficulty of administering and keeping records of the 250 club membership.

We have previously directly contacted all members of the 250 Club and also made announcements on this website that the Club has come to a sad end.

Since this time a great many people have continued to make monthly donations to the team rather than suspend their previous 250 Club monthly subscription.

The team would like to extend its thanks to all these individuals who have decided to continue supporting the team in this way.

As a result of this we are happy to announce the recent receipt of £52 in to the team from these collective donations.

We would also like to pass thanks to Mrs J Marsh, the mother of former team member Dave Marsh, who recently donated her 250 Club winnings of £12 to the team.