Visit to Team by Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee to hand over a very generous donation.

Over the weekend of Friday 25th September to Sunday 27th September this year, the Edgworth Real Ale Committee held their fourth very successful Edgworth Real Ale Festival, at the Barlow Institute, Edgworth.
Each year many charities have benefitted from this Real Ale Festival and this year the amount raised for charity exceeded all previous years, with a fantastic £12,000.00 raised in total.

As one of two named beneficiaries for this years Festival, the other being Derien House, the whole team threw its full support into the festival, with team vehicles present throughout and team Call Out list and Support Group members also having a stint on bar duties.
Tonight five members of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee visited our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to formally present to the team a cheque donation of an amazing £6,000.00.

Attending from the Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee were John Barlow, Alex Docherty, Dan Moore, Geoff Capper and Steve Simpson.
They were initially met by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, our Chairman Ken Oakes and Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon.

With a team group photograph taken during which the very appreciated large donation of £6,000.00 was handed over, our Chairman Ken Oakes then handed over to the Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee a plaque of appreciation from the Bolton MRT.

The Committee members were then treated to a buffet at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ after which they watched the rest of the team members conducting a series of ’mini’ exercises in the use of team casualty care equipment, in the grounds of our Base / HQ.
Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, explained to the Committee members on the night that this very substantial donation will be utilised to purchase six full sets of Drysuits and associated PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to fully equip our integral Water Search and Rescue Unit within the team, which to date has relied on team members to provide their own personal equipment.

Garry went onto explain that this generous and very supportive donation will also be used to purchase a small boat within the team to support our Water Search and Rescue Units’ operations, alongside any residual part of the donation being used to fund further appropriate water search and rescue training within the team.

When these items are all purchased the team and the Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee members will get together once more for an official handover of this kit and another photo opportunity.

The team would like to express its fullest thanks to all on the Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee, and to all associated with the 2009 ERAF, which raised such a large amount of money for ourselves and for Derien House.

We would also like to wish all on the Committee our best wishes for the 2010 Edgworth Real Ale Festival, for which planning has already begun.

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