Update on calendar sales

Our current sales of the Goodyear Tyres sponsored Mountain Rescue England & Wales calendar have now reached 19 sales so far.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Norma Hibbert, of Bromley Cross, who ordered one of the calendars and in place of the minimum donation of £5, very kindly made a donation of £10 to the team’s funds.

Norma also commented on the “lovely pictures” in the calendar.

Order information can be found by referring to the article on this website dated #article#2705#5th December 2009#.

We are also happy to report continuing excellent direct sales of the “Golden Oldie Girls” calendar, starring the ladies of Greenbank Sheltered Housing in Horwich. Team member Elaine Gilliland has personally sold a magnificent 25 copies of this calendar. Details of how to purchase this calendar can be found in #article#2677#this news article.#