Incident 89/2009

Late this evening at 23:48, the team was contacted by NWAS (Manchester) Paramedic Emergency Control, who were requesting our assistance at an incident in the Halliwell area of Bolton.

Due to the wintry weather and freezing temperatures, many of the less commonly used roads were fully frozen over. These conditions had presented some difficulty to a crew attending a gentleman with a suspected fractured neck of femur. The crew were unable to get their ambulance to the outside of the address (for fear of loosing traction on the sheet ice on the steep road) and instead had to park their ambulance at the top of the road.

Three Bolton MRT members and one team vehicle responded to this incident and assisted the ambulance crew by bringing the stretcher from the NWAS ambulance, loading the casualty onto the stretcher in his home, and then carefully bringing the stretcher back up the steep, icy street and into the NWAS ambulance.

The team then contacted NWAS control to declare that the our involvement in this incident was now completed, however we were then immediately requested to assist at another, similar incident also in Bolton. (see report 90/2009)