Incident 90/2009

Just as the three team members had finished at the previous incident, we were again contacted by NWAS (Manchester) control at 00:54 to assist at an incident in the Dunscar area of Bolton, around 4 miles away from our current location.

Again a frozen, steep road meant that the NWAS ambulance crews were unable to get their vehicles near to the casualty, who was lying in the middle of the road with a serious head injury sustained after slipping on the ice.

Again the three team members and one team vehicle assisted the two NWAS crews present in the same way as before; by carefully taking the NWAS ambulance stretcher down to the casualty and then pushing the casualty, on the stretcher, back uphill to the ambulances.

The team’s involvement in this incident was concluded at 01:32; and the three team members returned to their home addresses, fully expecting more calls to follow on Sunday morning!