Incident 91/2009

At circa 12:05 today the Team Leader was contacted directly by NWAS (Manchester) Control for the team’s assistance to an emergency ambulance stuck on icy track conditions in the Glazebury area of Wigan (the ambulance had a casualty on board).

Our BM2 and BM4 vehicles were despatched to this incident with 7 team members in total on board. During their transit time the emergency ambulance was able to safely get off the ice, and our vehicles were stood down.

At approximately 13:25, our BM1 vehicle stood by at a local incident near to our base to ensure the emergency ambulance attending could get back onto the main road from the side road casualty address (the side road was covered in compacted snow).

Our third incident was to attend an emergency ambulance vehicle, stuck in snow, in the Great Lever area. 4 team team members in two team vehicles attended, but were stood down en-route as a passing breakdown vehicle had managed to tow the emergency ambulance off the snowbound road.

At 14:22, two team vehicles were initially despatched (rising to three vehicles) to a residential address on the Hall-i-th-Wood estate, with the report of an emergency ambulance RRV unable to drive close to the address due to compacted snow conditions on the estate. The response paramedic was transported in a team vehicle to the address, where the casualty, suffering from a chest condition was transported to Royal Bolton Hospital in our BM2 vehicle, with the ambulance paramedic on board. 8 team members were involved in this incident.

At 14:46, our BM1 vehicle, with 5 team members was despatched to help an emergeny ambulance RRV which was stuck in the snow in the Daubhill area of Bolton.

Working with the assistance of a very nice man from the RAC, we towed the vehicle back to the top of the street using our Landrover.

At 16:43 our our BM2 and BM5 vehicles were despatched to the Sharples area following a report of an ambulance stuck in snow with a patient on board. Utilising the winching capabilities of our BM2 vehicle, the ambulance was recovered back onto flat ground, and was then able to proceed to Royal Bolton Hospital with their patient on board.

At 17:24, our BM2 and BM5 vehicles were despatched to assist an emergency ambulance RRV at a residential address in the Bradshaw area, with the report of a woman experiencing chest pains. Due to the snow and ice conditions the RRV couldn’t get to the top of the housing estate (although the Paramedic had walked to the address), our team members assisted the Paramedic with helping the woman, who was transferred to Royal Bolton Hospital in our BM2 vehicle with the NWAS Paramedic on board.