Busiest time ever for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

Since Friday night, 18th December, up to the end of this evening Tuesday 22nd December, within a continuous 5 day period, the team had attended 30 seperate incidents of all kinds for NWAS (Manchester), and taken part in two major search operations alongside Greater Manchester Police officers.

The team would like to extend its thanks to all in NWAS (Manchester), both the control room staff and road crews for the excellent cooperation, liaison, and friendships forged and strengthened throughout this period.

The same sentiments are expressed to all those officers in Greater Manchester Police including the Force Duty Managers, members of the GMP Search Unit, GMP Air Support Unit, GMP Missing Persons Search Managers, and GMP divisional staff, who we have worked in close harmony with on the search operations in Trafford and Bolton recently.

A great deal of our incidents have taken place throughout the working day for many of our members, on Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd December.

We would like to extend our thanks to the many employers of our team members who have kindly granted leave (quite often paid leave) so that our team members may attend the many incidents over this very busy period.

It is easy to forget as well the impact such a busy period has had on our members’ families, who in the absence of such members have had to cope with all the festive preparations in the run up to Christmas.