Incident 101/2009

At 04.02hrs in the early hours of the morning off went the pagers again ! and again it involved an emergency ambulance from NWAS (Manchester) stuck on ice responding to an emergency.

The location was a housing estate in the Marsh Green area of Wigan, and in a 2hrs 18 minutes operation, using our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicle mounted winch, and with all members attending wearing crampons, on a housing estate in Wigan ! to cope with the two inch layer of ice across the entire road network of the estate we managed to extricate the Emergency Ambulance.
Twelve team members responded to this emergency call out.

We were then almost immediately despatched to a second incident of the same nature in the Pemberton area of Wigan.

This time we extricated the stuck Ambulance a little quicker, again with our members equipped with crampons, bags of road salt / grit, and snow shovels combined with much pushing and shoving. The eight team members involved finally got to bed at about 07.30hrs.