Incident 3/2010

As part of NWAS (GMA) pre arranged plan to cope with peak demand calls on this festive season early morning, the Team continued to directly assist NWAS (GMA) with ambulance calls throughout the early hours after already being on standby before midnight.

8 Team members mobilised to crew two team Landrover ambulances and our Base/HQ at Ladybridge Hall, with the vehicles placed at the disposal of NWAS (GMA) from 21:00 onwards.

Three jobs were tasked after midnight on this relatively quiet morning from 01:28 through to 04:33, all three being code Amber calls.

Our first call (at 01:28) involved the use of both team vehicles and six personnel, as we went to the assistance of a male who had fallen down a ditch and and badly fractured his leg. Due to some uncertainty over how he had come to be in the ditch, the male was treated for possible spinal injuries as well as the fractured leg.

The six team members were able to safely raise the man from the ditch on a long board, and he was then taken to Royal Bolton Hospital in one of the team’s vehicles.

This article appeared in The Bolton News regarding the incident.

The second call, passed to the team by NWAS at 04:05, was to attend a pregnant woman whose waters had broken, in Great Lever, Bolton.

Somewhat fortunately for the team members responding, Mother Nature had finished the job just before our arrival, and a baby girl was born at 04:17 – our vehicle arrived at 04:21. We checked out mum and baby and awaited the arrival of far more experienced hands by way of the two midwives who came from Royal Bolton Hospital’s maternity unit.

Both mum and baby were taken to the maternity unit in the team’s Landrover ambulance, accompanied by a midwife.

Another article appeared in the Bolton News regarding our involvement in this incident.

The third and final job of the evening was passed to us by NWAS at 04:33 and involved a male (also in Great Lever) who had fallen, sustaining a head injury. He was also transported by team Landrover to Royal Bolton hospital for further treatment.

Grateful thanks were passed onto the team by the staff at NWAS Control for the assistance that was offered by the team on this traditonally very busy night.