Incident 4/2010

At 11.56 this morning, Greater Manchester Police paged the Team requesting our assistance with a developing search in the Horwich area, for a missing 58 year old male.

The call was answered by Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon, and ongoing discussion between GMP & Geoff resulted in the Team being called out at 13.25 Hrs, for a search in the Horwich area. Specifically the team covered the areas known localy as Tigers Clough, also Wilderswood, and the banking of Lower Rivington Reservoir. Just as the first searchers were dispatched a cheeky voice was heard to say ’..look it’s snowing…’ and yup, Sam was correct – the white stuff had started to fall again.

Search control…….

Search control was set-up in the bus turn round area on Lever Park Avenue, which was quite handy really as Deputy Team Leader Geoff’s house was only a few metres away. Thanks must be made to the Seddon family for the numerous interuptions during the day as we brewed up and availed ourselves of the facilities.

The search was slightly interupted by NWAS requesting the Team for an incident in the vicinity of Rivington Pike, to which we dispatched 4 Team members and a team vehicle (see incident 5/2010 for details).

At the conclusion of the day’s search nothing had been found and Police enquiries are continuing.

…Ged Clarke attempting to break ice on Lower Rivington Reservoir…

… Steve Fletcher, Ged’s bankside safety man.
Attending this incident were the following resources:

  • 16x Bolton MRT members,
    • consisting of one canoe search team.
    • 4 Team vehicles
    • Control, Command & Communications Trailer
  • G.M.P. Search manager
  • G.M.P. Tatical Aid Unit