Incident 5/2010

Whilst out on Incident 4/2010, NWAS (Manchester) paged the Team for assistance with a young person who had fallen on the slopes of Rivington Pike.

4 Team members (who had just completed a search area) were immediately dispatched from the search control RVP at Lever Park Avenue in Horwich to the incident site in a team vehicle. On arrival at the casualty site, they found a casualty with a lower leg injury. A splint was applied and pain killing gas was offered to the casualty.

The casualty was then packaged onto a Troll Alphin MR stretcher and carried to the Team’s nearby vehicle. The casualty was then transported to the NWAS ambulance further down George’s Lane (which was unable to drive close to the Pike due to the snow conditions), which then took the casualty to hospital.

The Team members involved in this incident then carried on with the search for the missing male, happy that the search controllers gave them a search area near to the incident site so that they didn’t have to travel too far!