Incident 6/2010

Today at 10:00 Hrs the Team was called out for a continuation of the previous day’s search in Horwich, for a missing 58 year old male.

The main objective today was a re-tasking of areas done in failing light conditions yesterday, and also to search new areas.

13 Team members responded to this search, together with 4 members of the GMP TAU. 4 Team vehicles were deployed, together again with the Command, Control & Communications trailer which was set up in Lever Park Ave.

Two search areas on the previous day were re-searched, due to the better light conditions today. A further four new areas were designated of interest to the search investigation and a combination of Bolton MRT members and Bolton MRT / TAU members completed these.

Alas, at the time of ending today’s search there is no new news to pass on and Police enquires are continuing with regards to the man’s whereabouts.