Incident 8/2010

At circa 13:53 our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted direct by NWAS (Manchester) Control, requesting the team’s assistance at a serious road traffic collision on the A6 Blackrod bypass (by Douglas Valley golf course).

Two vehicles had been in collision resulting in two male and two female casualties. GMP Officers were already on scene, and the team was the first emergency medical response to arrive on scene.

Team members from our BM2 and BM4 vehicles carried out casualty care on the injured adults and children, working together with an off-duty hospital nurse, an off-duty A&E nurse (whose car and family were involved in this incident), and an off-duty NWAS (Lancashire) Paramedic.

One male casualty was splinted on scene on a longboard and headblocks, oxygen was administered to one of the children involved.

Two NWAS (Manchester) Emergency ambulances attended (including ex-team member Iain Peel who is now an NWAS Emergency Medical Technician), along with an NWAS (Manchester) operational manager and an NWAS (Manchester) assistant operational manager.

Also in attendance were two GMP Traffic Units and GMP Divisional officers. All the casualties involved were transported to hospital by the two NWAS emergency ambulances.

During this incident the A6 Blackrod bypass was closed to traffic and thanks are given here to all the passers-by who stopped to assist and other drivers including a tractor driver who stopped to protect the scene.

In total 9 Bolton MRT members and two team Landrover ambulances were involved in this incident.