Cello ensemble raise money for the team

Bob Buller, a musical colleague of team callout list member Mark Parry, recently contacted Mark, offering to raise money for the team.

Of course Mark promptly said “yes” to Bob’s fundraising offer, and so on the 29th and 30th December 2009, the string trio of Bob Buller, Jill Jackson and Jerry Careston, who go by the name of the Chaconne Ensemble performed at the Millgate Shopping Centre in Bury, with an open cello case to collect donations from the passing shoppers.

The trio performed over the afternoon of the 29th December and all day on the 30th December, and a little over £200 was raised in total for the team.

The thanks of the entire team are expressed to all at the Chaconne Ensemble for their fantastic fundraising effort, and of course to all the shoppers at the Millgate Shopping Centre who donated their loose change to us.