Incident 13/2010

At circa 19:45 this evening, with a small number of team members remaining at our Ladybridge Hall base after the day’s numerous incidents, team member Mike Marsh was contacted by former team member Jonathan Holt of Tyldesley, advising us of an incident near to his home address on a snow and ice bound path across fields where a man had fallen badly and was initially being aided by Jonathan, with his wife Stephanie (also a former team member) contacting the ambulance service and suggesting that an MRT be involved.

In consultation with NWAS (Manchester) Control, our Team Leader was requested to respond to this incident which was on a footpath leading across to Shakerley Common in the Tyldesley area of Wigan.

Team vehicle BM1, with team members Mark Parry, Michael O’Brien and Mike Marsh on board responded, along with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes and Deputy Team Leader making solo responses in their vehicles.

On arrival on scene our 5 team members were stood down as GMP officers along with NWAS ambulance staff and Jonathan Holt had been able to evacuate the casualty who had hip & lower back injuries to the waiting ambulance.

This incident concluded after 1 hour.