Incident 14/2010

At 18:08 this evening our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted directly by NWAS (Manchester) for the team’s immediate assistance regards an ambulance, unable to reach a residential casualty address due to compacted snow and ice road conditions.

A small number of team members were still at our Ladybridge Hall base/HQ after the conclusion of today’s NWAS standby.

Two team vehicles and our team leader’s vehicle were able to make an immediate response to the Clifton, Manchester area, along with a third team vehicle that was based at this time at a team member’s home address.

Our first vehicle BM4 arrived on scene at circa 18:30 and established that the elderly casualty (with breathing difficulties) could be transported from his snowbound home address in a team vehicle, to the NWAS emergency ambulance which was 200m away on a nearby main road.

Due to deep snow still on this main road, team members had to stop all traffic whilst the casualty was transferred from our BM4 vehicle to the NWAS emergency ambulance.

In total, six Bolton MRT team members were involved in this incident, which also included our BM1, 3 and 4 vehicles and our Team Leader’s vehicle.

Again an excellent example of cooperation between ourselves and an NWAS (Manchester) emergency ambulance crew.