Huge vote of thanks to the Pager Bureau staff at Mypalive

The team as a whole is primarily called out via a message pager system, operated by Mypalive (Vodapage), with every team member having a message pager. (our ‘little belt buddies,’ or that thing that wakes us and our partners up in the middle of the night, followed by many expletives!)

Readers of our website will realise we have had an unprecedented number of calls on the teams services in this recent wintry weather period.

Throughout this period our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, would like to register with thanks the understanding and patience of the Mypalive call takers at the pager bureau, (Newton Court, Faraday road, Liverpool, L13 1EJ) who have had to cope with trying to take down messages, with (often) our radio traffic confusingly in the background, and (our little joke) trying to understand our Team Leaders ‘Little Hultoner’ (Salford overspill!) accent! (most of the call takers have a Liverpudlian accent)

A great many of the call takers at the Bureau enquire as to the incidents we are sending messages about, and always pass on their appreciation of the work we and other MRTs who use their Bureau undertake.

(Included within this is a special thanks from Garry to call taker Tony Moran, who takes a particularly keen interest in the work of the team)

Thanks to everyone at Mypalive (Vodapage) you are part of the chain that fully supports the Bolton MRT.