Incident 27/2010

At 03:25 this morning our Team Leader was contacted direct by NWAS (Manchester) control with the report of an NWAS ambulance crew needing assistance accessing a narrow snowbound road to a casualty in the Bradshaw Chapel area of Harwood.

En-route, after he had conducted a limited member callout, our Team Leader was informed by NWAS Ambulance Control that the responding ambulance had got stuck on nearby snowbound roads whilst travelling to the incident address.

A second NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance was despatched and was guided to the casualty address by team member Ged Clarke in his Range Rover.

With four team members still responding in two team Landrover ambulances, Ged Clarke and our Team Leader Garry Rhodes managed to dig out and then tow the stuck ambulance from the Ashdene Crescent area of Harwood, back onto good road conditions.

Our responding BM3 vehicle with Mike Marsh and Ken Oakes and our BM1 vehicle Steve Fletcher and Dr. Clare Whitney on board, were all stood down whilst responding.

All members involved managed to get back to bed at 05:15.