Incident 29/2010

At 15:15, at the conclusion of the previous incident, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes, whilst in contact with NWAS (Lancashire) Control on an administrative matter, was directed by the same control to callout the team to a sledging accident on the moorland edge field system above Rivington Hall Barn, Lever Park, Rivington.

A full team pager callout was initiated at 15:27 following an immediate response being made at circa 15:20 from the previous incident location.

In total 12 team members arrived at the Rivington Hall Barn RVP, with a further 7 stood down responding, along with three of our Landrover ambulance vehicles.

Team members assisted the NWAS (Lancashire) crew, from Chorley ambulance station, with a carry of the 11 year old girl, through the tracks at the rear of Rivington Hall Barn, to the waiting ambulance at Rivington Hall Barn.

The girl, who was evacuated on an ambulance longboard, had suspected lower lumbar spine and hip injuries. We concluded this incident at 17:00 back at our base.