Incident 31/2010

Whilst team members were still at Ladybridge Hall following the day’s incidents, the Team Leader was contacted by NWAS (Manchester) at 20:49 regarding a stuck ambulance in the Johnson Fold area of Bolton.

Being no strangers to this particular estate (we were called to the same road just 24 hours earlier to assist a stuck ambulance), we made a quick response and two team vehicles arrived at 21:08.

The team was required to transport a woman in labour from her home address to the nearest point that the ambulance could drive to, some 400m away. She was quickly transported in our BM1 Landrover ambulance, with the patient’s mother also transported in our BM3 Landrover ambulance, and both were driven down the road to the waiting NWAS ambulance.

The team guided the NWAS ambulance off the estate, and wished them well as the patient and her family were whisked away to Royal Bolton Hospital’s maternity department.