Incident 32/2010

At 21:35 tonight, again as we were completing paperwork relevant to the previous incident at Johnson Fold, the Team Leader was contacted by NWAS (Manchester) Control to ask for our assistance in reaching a casualty at his home address in Walmersley, Bury.

Two team vehicles (carrying 5 team members in total) were despatched to this incident, mobilising at 21:41 and arriving on scene in Walmersley at 22:03.

Fortunately the ambulance had just managed to get to the casualty’s address and then free from the snow and back onto the main road with the assistance of the neighbours of the patient concerned. However our trip wasn’t completely wasted… we had to assist the NWAS Rapid Response Vehicle in driving off the estate, which itself had also become stuck!

One completed we headed back to our Ladybridge Hall HQ, finishing the incident at 22:42. With a small amount of paperwork (and no more interruptions!) the members present left for their home addresses… hopefully all will be tucked up in bed very soon, in anticipation of more callouts tomorrow!