Incident 33/2010

At 08:12 this morning, NWAS (Manchester) Control paged the team for assistance with an NWAS Emergency Ambulance stuck on snow, trying to access a patient’s address in the Daubhill area of Bolton.

Our Team Leader collected the relevant information, resulting in a full team pager call at 08:26. Our Team Leader was first on scene at 08:45, closely followed by our Deputy Leader and our BM3 vehicle.

Our BM3 vehicle managed to tow the ambulance out of the deep snow with two other team members assisting the ambulance crew with a short carry of the elderly lady involved to the ambulance.

The Emergency Ambulance was able to leave safely with the patient on board at 09:15 with team members departing shortly afterwards.

In total, 10 team members had arrived on scene and our BM1 and BM3 vehicles; with an additional four team members stood down responding.