Incidents today….

Today, we “only” attended three incidents according to our website, in Daubhill, Smithills and Daveyhulme; however as with every other day there have also been a small number of incidents during which we were stood down almost immediately, or they were just advice calls between our Team Leader/Deputy Team Leader and NWAS Ambulance Control.

Today has been no different with a call to our Team Leader at circa 03:00 this morning for an incident in the Tottington area requiring the team’s assistance, which our Team Leader passed over to Rossendale & Pendle MRT as our team was being rested (they in turn were stood down responding, and then in the way of things, Oldham MRT were despatched to this same incident!)

At 11:58 today, NWAS Ambulance Control contacted our Team Leader to callout the team to the report of a male who had fallen 20ft down an embankment in the snow at the rear of his property. An immediate mobilisation of the team took place as members were already at our base, with a stand-down following just as quickly (some 7 minutes later) as the team’s services were no longer required at this incident.

At 13:15 NWAS (Lancashire) paged the team for assistance in getting to a residential property in the Belmont area; team members who were ice climbing nearby in Great Gutter gulley were immediately despatched to be stood down minutes later as they were not required.

At 16:02, team vehicle BM2 was despatched to assist NWAS (Manchester) with the report of an ambulance stuck in snow in the Irlams O’th’ Height area of Salford. Five minutes into this vehicle’s response, they were stood down as neighbours in the street where the ambulance was stuck had all rallied together to get the ambulance clear of the snow.

Early evening, some team members at base volunteered their time to assist private vehicles stuck in snow at the bottom of Ladybridge Lane, a steep road alongside our base. This was not an easy recovery to do involving fitting the snow chains to our vehicles and also using the vehicle winch and strop, but was nontheless successful. One of the drivers kindly made a £10 donation to the team as thanks for our efforts.

None of the incidents have been recorded in our incident figures but are nontheless recorded here for information.