Kind message of thanks from local Rotarians.

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received an email from David and Heather Moores, two local Rotarians, the full contents of their very kind email reads as;

Dear Gary, we have been reading in the Press about the massive contribution you and your team have been making to public safety throughout the bad weather crisis over the past couple of weeks. It sounds as if none of you have been home much very recently!!

We know from the visits our two Rotary Clubs (Westhoughton and Bolton Lever) have made to your HQ just how much training, dedication and sheer hard work BMRT put in to deliver, time after time, the excellent level of service you provide.

Please let your Team know how much their efforts are appreciated by the Bolton (and Manchester) public.”

Best Wishes, David and Heather Moores (local Rotarians)

This is but one example of the huge number of kind comments we have received from many individuals and organisations regarding the work we have been carrying out over this current period of wintry weather.