Incident 37/2010

Twelve days into the New Year and another day brings another call on the
team’s services.

At 11:13 our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted by NWAS
(Manchester) Control for the team to assist an on scene NWAS
(Manchester) Emergency Ambulance crew transfer a patient from a
residential address into their Ambulance, which had become stuck in snow
whilst responding to this incident.

A full team call out page was made at 11:14, with our Deputy Team
Leader Geoff Seddon arriving on scene, in the Halliwell area of Bolton
at circa 11:35, closely followed by our BM3 vehicle (Ken Oakes) at
11:42 and BM2 (Ged Clarke and Elaine Gilliland) at 11:44.

The NWAS Emergency ambulance crew had managed to get the patient into
their Ambulance, and for our responding members it was a simple matter
of towing the Emergency Ambulance out of the snow, and checking the NWAS
Rapid Response Vehicle could also leave the incident safely.

We were stood down on scene at circa 12:09 with the incident
completed by 12:40.