Incident 38/2010

At 12:48, NWAS (Manchester) Control contacted our Team Leader Garry
Rhodes MBE, again requesting the team’s assistance, this time with an
incident in the Astley Bridge area of Bolton, involving a man with a
suspected dislocated shoulder, at a residential address where poor road
conditions prevented the NWAS Emergency Ambulance from getting close by.

A full team pager call out was initiated at 12:56, with our Deputy
Team Leader Geoff Seddon making a solo response in his vehicle, BM1 with
Ken Oakes and Elaine Gilliland on board, and BM2 with Ged Clarke on

On arrival our crews discovered that a kind 4WD vehicle owner had
transferred the injured man to the Emergency Ambulance in his vehicle,
but we were still required to tow the Emergency ambulance out of the
snow and onto better road conditions.

We concluded this incident at 13:50.

This represents our 108th separate incident of this wintry period that
we have attended.