Donation from Bolton and District Round Table

Tonight Bolton MRT were visited by Craig Knights, Phil Stephenson, Barney Wharton-Jones and Nick Skelly of the Bolton and District Round Table, a registered charity that has chosen to support Bolton MRT as their Chairman’s Charity in 2009/10. (We announced this on our website in #article#2336#February 2009#)

Craig Knights and Phil Stephenson both took part in, and completed, the gruelling Brecon Beast mountain bike race in September 2009, which was a full day 71km bike route in the Brecon Beacons starting and finishing in Brecon village.

The route included the memorable pass over Pen-y-Fan and Fan-y-Big; weather conditions being hot made this point of the race somewhat memorable for the competitors.

In total around 500 competitors took part, and Craig and Phil completed the route in 4 hours 20 minutes and 5 hours 20 minutes respectively – Phil’s extra hour due to the somewhat inevitable mechanical issues during such a long ride.

Sponsorship for the event came mainly via Craig and Phil’s work colleagues and so thanks to them for supporting Bolton and District Round Table, and in turn Bolton MRT.

In conjunction with a sponsored Boxing event held at Rivington Hall Barn in October 2009, the Bolton and District Round Table have raised a fantastic £1000.00 for the Bolton MRT as their chosen Chairman’s Charity in 2009/10.

Thanks to everyone at Bolton and District Round Table and thanks to all who supported their events to raise funds for Bolton MRT.