Team members appear on “Channel M Today”

This afternoon, team members Elaine Gilliland and Stephen Kenworthy were invited to sit on the couch at Channel M Today, (a news programme on the regional TV channel, “Channel M”) to comment on the team’s involvement in the birth of Leah Fane, Bolton’s first baby of the decade.

Steven Fletcher, Stephen Kenworthy and Elaine Gilliland were the first emergency service on scene at 04:21 AM on New Year’s Day, and were able to ensure that mother and baby were kept safe and warm until midwives from Royal Bolton Hospital arrived some 20 minutes later.

Channel M invited husband and wife David and Lindsay Fane and daughter Cara and baby Leah to talk about their unusual experience and Elaine and Stephen joined them from the rescue team to talk about their involvement in the birth.

You can watch the full interview here, courtesy of Channel M and YouTube.