January new recruitment intake, report on tonights first session

Since advertising for new call out list members it’s true to say we were overwhelmed with potential membership enquiries, some less serious than others but overall resulting in 48x people expressing an initial interest in joining the team.

Some 40x of these people went on to apply on line via our website, all received more information on joining the team including an invite to our two part recruitment sessions this evening and all day Sunday 24th January 2010.

24x persons confirmed their attendance at tonights first session of two parts, with 21x actually turning up. (48x becomes 40x which becomes 24x which becomes 21x, a pattern is developing here!)

All twenty one arrived for the 18.30hrs start to an intensive evening at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, where through powerpoint, DVD and ’old fashioned MK 1 voice,’ they were treated to a number of presentations all with the intention of getting over the message about what being a team member of Bolton MRT entails, alongside of course what Bolton MRT is all about!

A full buffet provided by Support Group husband and wife members Howard and Teresa Gilliland greeted all, including the eleven Team Call Out list members present in direct support of the evening.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE opened proceedings with an excellent DVD introduction, following which all the interested persons present undertook a 30 minute writen navigation (compass and map) test.

(Lets just say the 14 year old – average age – Scouts we trialled it on fared better than the 21x present, maybe nobody uses map and compass anymore!)

One of the candidates tackling the gruelling test…

Sessions included what our membership requirements are about, the work of the team, what is the cost of team membership (not just financial, but to your family life, etc) what our expectations are and how the teams Training and Events Programme works.

All present were issued with a comprehensive information folder on all the topics covered along with general information on the team, they also all received a complimentary copy of the Mountain Rescue England and Wales magazine ’mountain rescue.’

The last sessions were presented by Team Call Out list members Elaine Gilliland and Andy Kench, with Elaine giving her perspective on her last 23 months in the team, and Andy giving his perspective on balancing team membership alongside his job as an RSPCA Inspector (and member of their Flood Response Team) and as a family man.

Elaine Gilliland and Andy Kench showing Garry how presentations should be done!

Lots of questions were asked throughout the evening as all present no doubt wondered what would be happening on the more practical session scheduled for Sunday 24th January 2010.

By 22.30hrs it was time for all to retire to the ’Bobs Smithy’ Public House on Chorley Old Road to further chat about joining the team.

Finally, thanks to long experienced former Team Training Officer Andy Ryding who came out of his recent retirement from the team to lend his full support to this evening, although sadly we couldn’t get him to rejoin!

Andy Ryding directing proceedings

All that was left was for the current team members to speculate (well place bets!) on who would turn up on Sunday 24th January.