January new recruitment intake. Report on todays all day session

Well by the mysteries of self selection, the 21x who attended on Thursday night became 12x eager faces by Sunday morning, despite the torrential rain and low cloud enveloping the local moorlands.

Team members Gillian Leigh, Chris Tennant and Craig Lamb outlined to the interested group what equipment is issued to team members and perhaps more importantly what equipment is not issued to team members. (trousers eh Craig)

Down to our vehicle garage and the intricacies of putting together, lifting and carrying our Bell and Troll Alphin MR stretchers were explained to all in preparartion for the outdoor exercises coming later.

Then it was off to the local moorlands and all 12x were left at Hordern Stoops with a number of map references to go to, 25 minutes to get to Point 4 and nothing but swirling mist and sleet to greet them!

Somehow! (as if we ever doubted it!) all twelve reappeared at the moorland car park overlooking Wards Reservoir at Belmont, having realised that the navigation course they had all been sent on ’somehow’ managed to include few paths, featureless moorland, deep peat pools and snow drifts. (Not a bad introduction to our team area)

A quick rescue exercise was then staged with all present learning very quickly how hard it is to carry a fully loaded MR stretcher on steep ground.

With little time lunch, in light rain and the odd bit of sleet all present, including the team members attending then carried out an exercise rescue in the confines of Great Gutter waterfall, Wards Reservoir, followed by in the words of the 12x; “some of the boggiest terrain we’ve ever seen!” as the loaded stretcher was carried back to the car park area.

Late afternoon saw the final exercise of the day, staged in Anglezarke Quarry and involving some basic ropework and very steep ground stretcher handling. (mixed in of course with more rain, more mud and just for fun, bramble bushes and thorns in abundance)

The wet but somehow still smiling 12x then returned to Ladybridge Hall, for hot drinks and a debrief on the days proceedings.

Their immediate feedback was overwhelmingly “What a fantastic day,” and “Thanks to all the team members for such a enjoyable and fun day.”

Meanwhile all the team members had gathered to chat about the 12x and have a look over their application forms.

The concensus opinion of all the team members who had attended today (with some having been around on Thursday night as well) was to invite all 12x to our scheduled eight week long Probationary Training period, and then review again how the twelve were bearing up.

So our Team Leader informed all that they had got their feet on the first rung of the ladder to joining the team, to be met by a (nice) sea of smiling faces, most of whom were expecting us to limit our intake to perhaps taking on 5 or 6 new members.

A big thanks to the twenty two team call out list members who supported today, giving up their time to welcome 12x people all extremely keen to join the team.
As Probationary Team members we welcome the following people into the team;

  • John Fletcher, aged 21, an Electrician from Chorley,
  • Steven O’Hara a 43 year old Community Support Team Leader from Farnworth,
  • Heather Jackson from Kearsley a 37 year old Community Staff Nurse,
  • Dean Mellor aged 38, a Managing Director from Darcy Lever,
  • Nick Berry, aged 35 from Wigan involved in Internet Gaming,
  • Polish husband and wife Marcin and…
  • Hanna Zadlo, aged 29 and 25, both from Chorley and both Health Care Assistants,
  • Helen Rigby an ICT Lecturer from Horwich, aged 42,
  • Anthony Fielding a 24 year old Software Engineer from Flixton,
  • Peter Sanderson an Operations Manager aged 29 from Heapey,
  • Mark Ainsworth, aged 51, self employed from Worsley and finally
  • Martin Banks aged 37, a HR Manager from Horwich.

All will commence their Probationary Training with the first session starting at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ on Wednesday 27th January 2010.

Please view our guestbook area for some kind comments made about today by some of the people present.