Incident 41/2010

At 14:23 this afternoon the Team was paged and also contacted direct by NWAS Manchester requesting assistance to a fallen climber in Wilton number 3 quarry, North of Bolton.

The pager call was answered by Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon, whilst in transit to the exercise at City Airport Manchester (see above). A quick initial response was made by the team members who were assembling at the airport to commence an exercise, whilst other team members not involved in the exercise responded direct to the Scout Road, Wilton number 3 quarry incident location.

Team members Chris Greenhalgh and Mike Marsh (who had been alerted by our Team Leader) arrived at the roadside RVP at 14:42 and met up with two responding NWAS (Manchester) Ambulance crews from Bolton North station.

A climber, in a group of climbers from the Oldham area, had fallen about 6m and had suspected back injuries and fractured lower left leg.

On scene at the time of the accident was former team member Blake Jackson, who was also out climbing in the same quarry. Blake provided initial casualty care and assisted the responding team members when they arrived. (Team members responding from the exercise at Barton started arriving in team vehicles 14:55.)

The male casualty was placed onto an NWAS long board and then onto our Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher, for evacuation back to the waiting Emergency Ambulance which was parked at the roadside entrance to the quarry.

The incident was concluded by 15:11, with 18 team members attending (3 members were stood down responding on route.)

A small group of team members then journeyed to Royal Bolton Hospital to collect equipment used on the rescue, whilst the rest of their colleagues journeyed back to City Airport Manchester to continue the excercise being held there.