Recent surge in the number of website visits

As a result of the extra publicity and visibility of the team during the recent snow and winter conditions, the team’s website has taken a bit of a hammering, from readers new and old.

An average day in 2009 saw around 115 visits to our website, with the busiest ever recorded day being 28th January 2008, in relation to incident 20/2008 – a total of 242 visits.

The snowfall (and subsequent the large number of incidents) between the 18th-26th December 2009 meant that on 23rd December the website’s “busiest day” record was broken, with a tally of 263 visits in this 24 hour period.

The records continued to fall in the New Year, following the second major snowfall, with 293 visits on the 5th January 2010, a fantastic 335 visits on the 6th (a new record for the team), 284 on the 7th and 259 on the 8th January 2010.

So as well as being the busiest ever time for the team and its members, this period marked the busiest ever time for the team’s website too!

None of this would be possible without the support of the team members who give their time to either write articles or supply photos for the website…. not to forget the behind-the-scenes staff who do the technical wizardry to bring everything together.

Of course we must also place on record our continuing thanks to our internet service provider, Netnorth Ltd (based in Bolton), who have graciously supported the team since October 2001 by hosting the team’s domain name, website and email accounts.

We hope that every new visitor to our website will find out all about us, and that the returning visitors continue to keep up-to-date with the team’s many activities!