Team member Elaine Gilliland is guest speaker at Wigan and District Agricultural Discussion Society meeting

This evening, team callout member Elaine Gilliland, attended one of the quarterly meetings of the Wigan and District Agricultural Discussion Society.
Unfortunately, one of the arranged programme after dinner speakers for the group was unable to attend and Alan Parker, Secretary to the Society, contacted Garry Rhodes, BMRT Team Leader to ask if the team could provide an after dinner speaker at short notice.

Elaine was picked up by Alan and ‘chauffeured’ to the regular meeting house of the Society, The Owls at Standish.

The Society has a membership of 55 farmers and associates, age range 16 to 75 from the Wigan and district area and on arrival, Elaine was greeted by the group with a pre-dinner drink and excellent conversation. Dinner was served at 19.45 hrs and Elaine was asked to address the Society members at approximately 21.00 hrs. After a 35 minute outline of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and their role in the community and links to the 3 Emergency Services, the Society Chairman, Keith Hibbert, opened the meeting to questions.

At the close of the meeting Keith unexpectedly donated a cheque of £72.00 on behalf of the Society – the cost of running the team for a day – and Elaine gratefully accepted the donation on behalf of the team

The evening closed at 23.00 hrs with further discussions taking place in a more informal way.

The membership of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank the Wigan and District Agricultural Discussion Society for the kind donation to the team.
On a personal note, Elaine would like to thank Keith Hibbert (Chairman), Michael Horton (Vice Chairman), and Alan Parker (Secretary), for their kind invitation to talk to the group and for making her feel so welcome.