GMP request the teams assistance with a missing person

Early this evening the team was alerted to a developing search for a missing young woman in the Ladybridge area of Bolton.

In consultation with Greater Manchester Police, it was decided to place the team membership on (home)standby, whilst our Team Leader Garry Rhodes further liaised with GMP.

Police Officers commenced a search in the Beaumont Road and Ladybridge areas assisted by the GMP Air Support Unit helicopter, carrying out both an airborne search and ’skyshout’ appeals. (using its powerful on board loudspeaker system).

In further liaison with a GMP Missing Person Search Manager, our Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader were tasked to meet up with Police Officers on scene to determine how the teams resources could best be utilised.

Fortunately at this stage, the missing young woman was located safe and well and the teams involvement was therefore no longer required.

As most of the actions by the team only involved telephone calls by our Leaders (albeit over a 1.25 hour period) this incident has been recorded here for information only and has not been recorded within the teams incident figures.