Snowfall means a Call Out!

No sooner had Team member Mark Scott who lives in Horwich, told our Team Leader Garry Rhodes that it had snowed in Horwich, and there was a good covering, than NWAS (Manchester) Control contacted Garry at circa 10.05hrs requesting the teams assistance to an Emergency Ambulance crew who were having difficulty reaching a patient in a residential property in Horwich due to the snow covered local roads.

Our Team Leader directly despatched team members Geoff Seddon (Our Deputy Team Leader in his Land Rover Freelander), Mark Scott and Gillian Leigh who all live in Horwich and were by coincidence all at home at the time (known to Garry when he contacted them).

During their response at circa 10.20hrs all three were stood down, as the NWAS (Manchester) Ambulance crew had managed to get their ambulance to the address, and could access the patient.

This has been recorded here for information only, and does not appear in our Incident listings as the teams involvement was minimal. (none the less it demonstrates how quickly we can respond with team members to incidents)