Team Doctor breaks her leg skiing in Dubai!

So unique we had to report it on our website!

Our Team Doctor, Clare Whitney recently journeyed to Dubai to meet up with her husband Peter on a period of shore leave, whilst he was on active service with the Royal Navy.

Not content with the endless sunshine and high temperatures of Dubai, Doctor Clare began to miss the snowy wastes of her local Bolton moorlands, and being the keen skier she is, off she headed with husband Peter to Dubai’s world famous indoor real snow arena.

The rest as they say is history, and Clare is now back in her home town of Horwich nursing a broken leg fractured just above the ankle.

All your team mates wish you a speedy recovery back to full hill fitness Clare, as for a return to ski-ing, well no doubt the emergency stops will be high on the practice agenda when you get back on the slopes.

As for any promises not to mention this accident at our Team Dinner ’Informal Awards’ ceremony, well you have no chance of shutting our Team Leader up over this one Clare!