Westhoughton Rotary Club announces its support of Bolton MRT

Today we received a kind letter from Bernard Howes, Community Service Chairman of Westhoughton Rotary Club, informing us that the Westhoughton Rotary Club will be supporting Bolton MRT this year.

As such we have been invited to send a team representative to their Evening of Presentations to the Local Community, on Thursday 11th March 2010 at Brookfield, Peel Street, Westhoughton.

At this annual function the Westhoughton Rotary Club invite representatives of all the worthy causes they support, with each cause having the opportunity to address all present with a brief outline of their work.

Team Medical Equipment Officer (and very experienced team call out list member) Mark Scott will be attending this excellent evening on behalf of the team.

Westhoughton Rotary Club are very long standing friends of Bolton MRT and the Westhoughton Rotarians have supported us now for a great many years, support that is greatly appreciated by all in the Bolton MRT.