Snowfall leads to team standby

At 06:48 this morning the team was contacted by NWAS (Manchester) area regarding our assistance due to the current and predicted snowfall in the Greater Manchester area.

After our Team Leader consulted with NWAS (Greater Manchester), as of 07:45 this morning team members were put on standby at home, with arrangements made to make all Bolton MRT vehicles available to NWAS if required.

As of 10:09 this morning, team members were paged to go to standby for NWAS (Manchester) at our LBH Base.

16 people were on standby throughout the day crewing all 4 current operational team vehicles.

Our colleagues in Oldham MRT and Glossop MRT were also called to standby by NWAS (Manchester).

Our team standby was concluded at 17:20 with no calls on the team’s services from NWAS (however the team dealt with a small number of motorists who were stranded on our local moorland roads).