AES Manchester Auto Electrical Services kindly supports the team.

Yesterday we reported that the multi tone emergency siren on our BM1 Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance had broken and despite the immediate offer of help from the NWAS (Manchester) on call mechanic a repair was not possible and a new unit was necessary.

This morning our Vehicles Equipment Officer Chris Greenhalgh took our BM1 vehicle to AES Manchester, the original supplier of the siren (and vehicle blue lights) when it was first purchased in 1999, to see if they could help with a replacement part.

Chris met with the Sales Director of AES Manchester, Terry Greenhalgh (no relation) who immediately sourced the necessary spare part and kindly arranged a very reasonable purchase price for the team.

AES Manchester then kindly free of charge offered there and then to fit the part to our BM1 vehicle, which of course was taken up by Chris Greenhalgh. (thanks to Nick Withington, Workshop Supervisor)

So with thanks to AES Manchester Auto Electrical Services, our BM1 vehicle once more has working sirens.

AES Manchester Auto Electrical Services of North Bank Industrial Estate, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5EG, specialize in the design and installation of electrical, emergency lighting and communications systems for the Emergency Services, the military, security and government agencies.