Mrs Jayne Bayliss and family visit the team at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ

On February 24th the team received an email off Mrs Jayne Bayliss of Adlington, who informed us she was undertaking a challenging walk in June of this year, and that she wished to use the walk, which she is undertaking with three friends, as an opportunity to raise some sponsorship for the team.

In subsequent conversation with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes, Jayne informed Garry that an idea which first took root with her many years ago was now possible, namely to walk from her home in Adlington near Chorley, across all the local moors, then across the moors to the north of Rochdale and eventually on to Haworth in Yorkshire. (The Trans-Pennine Trail)

Jayne mentioned she had seen the team many times on her local family walks around Rivington, and that her two young sons were also keen followers of the team. (Often ’checking’ us out on this website)

To find out more about the team, Garry invited Jayne and her family to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ and all turned up this morning as the team was carrying out its monthly team vehicle and base valet.

Jayne came along with her husband Mark, and their two children, Tom aged 5 and Callum aged 9, who brought their friend James Wilson aged 9 along as well. (Also of Adlington)

After being introduced to our Team Leader Garry, team members Elaine Gilliland and Chris Tennant then outlined the work of the team to Jayne, Mark and the children.

Team member Mark Scott then took young Tom, Callum, James and Jayne for a ride out in one of our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances, (And yes with children on board of course the sirens went on!)

All returned with big smiles on their faces, with the three children all budding future team recruits. (Dad Mark had had to stay behind as there were no seats left for him, so team member Neil Warburton kept him entertained)

As their visit was ending (team members were getting ready to go on an exercise, see other news item today) Tom, Callum and James had a little surprise for our Team Leader, when they presented Garry with a £10.00 donation as thanks for their morning with us, which they had very kindly saved from their spends.

Garry in turn gave Jayne, Mark, Tom, Callum and James a Mountain Rescue supporters badge and some Bolton MRT Supporter car stickers.

The whole team wishes Jayne and her friends every success with her walk in June.