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Since starting with the team on 27th January 2010, ten Probationary members remain with the team, and today they all received pagers so they’ll no longer have to rely on their Call Out list ’Buddy’ members to pass on all the messages that are transmitted via our pager system.

All ten were also issued with some items of the extensive team kit we will ultimately equip them with once their Probationary period is over, and if we then decide to take them on as Trainee Team Members.

As such the preliminary team kit issued today included a Climbing Helmet, Hand held Search Torch, High Visibility Vest (Complete with Mountain Rescue back panel sign) High Visibility Rucksac Cover, ’On Emergency Call Out ’ vehicle sign (Only used when parked up at incident RVPs) and Team area laminated RVP maps.

If taken on as Trainee Team members following the successful completion of their Probationary period, full team kit will be issued on Sunday 11th April 2010.

The team has no current recruitment vacancies within its Call Out list membership, inclusive of all the four ’grades’ of membership, i.e. Probationary, Trainee, Active and Reserve.

The earliest time we anticipate having any such vacancies may be in November this year.