New photocopier at our Base / HQ

Today we upgraded our black only photocopier at our Base / HQ after a lot of discussions with Ordee Repro (Roy Dutton) with a brand new Olivetti d-Color MF 220 copier.

Roy of Ordee Repro has given us years of excellent customer support, and offers the team a very competitive lease rental scheme, which he has continued with this new model.

With this new models colour copying facility it will become a useful tool within the admin equipment of the team, it also has a remote printing facility which will be very useful when we are preparing for searches.

A big thanks to Roy and Dave who set up the copier today (We sort of built our Base / HQ around the older copier, whilst we were renovating our Base / HQ ready to move in, so to get the old one out and the new one in, with only a very narrow steep staircase for access was quite a task!)

The team places a huge emphasis on keeping its entire membership informed of all happenings within the team, so having a multi-function colour copier is a valuable and essential asset to the team.