Dave Carter steps down from the team

Tonight team member Dave Carter stepped down from the team membership after serving just over a year and a half on the team callout list.

Due to a new job, Dave will be unable to make the team’s weekly Wednesday night training commitments, combined with a general unavailability for Sundays (this is usually a busy day for the team)

Dave joined the team in August 2008 and became well known as a respected team member, for his wicked sense of humour and willingness to help in a number of jobs within the team.

His first day out with the team saw him in the company of our Team Leader in the TL’s vehicle with both of them responding jointly to a callout in Lever Park. Such was Dave’s introduction to the activities in the team.

The whole team membership wishes Dave the very best of luck for the future (a special message from our Team Leader, Dave… now you’ve gone, who is he going to turn to to concoct implausible, but just believable stories to explain away some of the situations that he got into?!)