Visit by team to St. Peter’s Smithills Dean CE School by Bolton MRT.

Today the team made an afternoon visit to St Peter’s Smithills Dean CE School, Bolton, with team Call Out list member Elaine Gilliland and our Team President Bob Hutchinson both attending in one of our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances.

Elaine Gilliland has written the following account of the teams visit to St Peter’s Smithills Dean CE School.

Bob and Elaine arrived at St. Peter’s Smithills Dean CofE Primary School this afternoon with the sun shining brightly and the children still in the playground at the end of their lunchtime break.

They were shown through to the Year 6 Classroom to be met by Mrs Lancashire, Headteacher, and Mrs Chesterton and Mr Barlow who had invited Bolton Mountain Rescue to give a talk to the children on safety in the hills/mountains to assist with their project on Mountains. The quiet classroom was soon overtaken by the excited children coming in from lunchtime break, and immediately they started to ask questions.

After registration, Bob started with a reversed teaching session, where the children told Bob and Elaine about what they already knew about safety in the hills – what to wear, what to take, what to look out for. All of the children were very enthusiastic and gave lots of information about what they knew already. Elaine then gave a presentation on Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and what they do, a short overview of how to keep safe in the hills and showed some pictures of how quickly the weather can change in any situation.

After a short afternoon break, the children went outside to the playground where the Team’s County Landrover BM1 had been parked and Bob and Elaine showed small groups around the vehicle explaining the equipment and radios to the children – and more and more questions were asked by the very inquisitive group.

All too soon the afternoon was over……..with the children still asking questions as Bob and Elaine packed up to leave.

The team would like to thank Mr Barlow and Mrs Chesterton for the invitation to speak to the children and to Mrs Lancashire for allowing us this opportunity to help the children, and Bob and Elaine would like to express a special thank you to all the children for making them feel so welcome.