Bolton MRT Annual General Meeting.

Tonight 48 team members, including 35 full team Call Out list members & trainees, 7 Probationary members and 6 members of our Support Group attended our Annual General Meeting and our election of Council Officers held this evening at our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ. Proceedings were opened by our Chairman Ken Oakes, who presented his excellent and comprehensive Annual Report

This report was followed by our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes’ Annual Report which reflected on all the happenings in the Team of the previous 12 months and the many successes in the Team that have characterised the previous year, plus an outline of the very busy wintry weather period over December and January when the team attended 110x separate operational incidents over a 25 day period.

The final report presented was made by our Treasurer Johanne Lamb, who happily reported on the continuing very healthy state of our finances, which go from strength to strength thanks to the many small and large donations, grants and bequests received this year, she also outlined to all present the very major expenditure that will be happening later in 2010 when the team replaces its four current Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles.

Finally our Treasurer Johanne Lamb stressed the importance of Gift Aid being applied within the team with regards to external donations and membership donations (although this entails a lot of hard work and paper chasing, the end results bring a large financial boost to the team).

Our election of Officers followed which saw the very experienced and well respected Ken Oakes re-elected for his fifth term of office as Chairman.

Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes MBE aged 52, was re-elected to the Team Leader post for the 22nd consecutive year, with a similar re-election of Geoff Seddon aged 59, Garry’s deputy for the last 18 years (and a previous Team Leader).

Three Council posts saw new Officers elected into position, Elaine Gilliland aged 42, became our new Training Officer, Doctor Clare Whitney aged 29, became our new Equipment Officer (Medical) and Chris Tennant aged 63 became our new Base and Catering Officer. (A post he has previously held)

All the Officer posts elected this year can be viewed under the Membership area of the website.

Particular thanks were noted to our auditors Howard, Matthews, Lloyd of Bolton who, as ever, gave us tremendous support in auditing our Team accounts.

The meeting, which opened at 20:00, was officially closed at 23:00.