Rotary Club of Westhoughton annual Evening of Presentations to the Local Community

This evening team callout list member Mark Scott and his wife Megan represented the team as guests of the Rotary Club of Westhoughton, who were holding their Annual Evening of Presentations to the Local Community at Brookfield, Peel Street, Westhoughton.

Mark and Megan alongside a number of representatives of other local charities were treated to a tasty three course meal as guests of Westhoughton Rotary Club President Martin Quin and event organiser Bernard Howes, with the Lady Mayor of Westhoughton as Guest of Honour.

After the meal, each charity received a cheque from the President and were then invited to give a brief presentation on their work. Mark spoke of the work of the team in the recent busy period, illustrating this by drawing on some of the incidents he had been involved with directly during that period. As a small token of appreciation Mark presented the Rotary Club with a plaque in recognition of the team’s great appreciation for the continuous support of Westhoughton Rotary Club, and the President gave a vote of thanks for this.

Team member Mark Scott receives the donation from President Martin Quinn.

It was an extremely enjoyable evening and both Mark and Megan were moved to hear about the range of work being done by the local volunteers, all being supported in their work by the Rotary Club.

On behalf of the whole team membership, we give thanks for the continued and much appreciated support of Westhoughton Rotary Club and their very kind and generous £160.00 donation to the team received this evening.

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