Another very kind donation via Alan Baxendale.

Valued team friend and supporter Alan Baxendale gives occasional talks to his Masonic colleagues at various Lodges, and kindly donates in turn any donation he personally receives, on to the Bolton MRT.

This thoughtful support of the team is much appreciated, with today the team receiving another kind donation from Alan Baxendale of Accrington, this time as a result of a talk he recently gave to Morecambe Mark Lodge No 716.
Morecambe Mark Lodge kindly made a £25.00 donation to Alan Baxendale, which he has kindly in turn passed on to us.

In his letter accompanying his donation addressed to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, Alan stated; “Please find attached a donation to Bolton MRT, with my very best wishes and regards, both to you and all the team and my gratitude for the tremendous work you do.”

All the team membership thanks Alan for his kind and valued support.

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