“If You Go Out in the Wood Tonight, You”re in for a Big Surprise” – Operation Easter Bunny

Over the Easter Weekend, many team members were absent from their families due to team commitments for Safety Cover and so this evening it was the team’s turn to give something back to family and friends.

‘Operation Easter Bunny’ took place tonight in Lever Park – the tracks and paths around Liverpool Castle. 30 Team Members, 4 Support Group Members and 14 family members and friends joined in our search exercise to locate missing objects.

After being split into 5 groups of mixed ages, the participants were deployed into the park to search for 12 strategically placed Easter Eggs (laminated cut outs, so as not to attract too many squirrels).

Also placed around the area were treats and surprises, a casualty and a very large ‘Easter Chick’.

At each Easter Egg location, the group had to complete a quiz or puzzle and describe the Easter Egg that they had found before moving onto the next location.

Prizes were awarded to groups and individuals at the end of the exercise for areas such as ‘Best Team Name’, ‘Most quizzes completed correctly’ and ‘Biggest Bunny Hop’, excellently demonstrated by Team Member Gill Leigh and Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon for the children.

A big thank you goes to all of the Team Members, Support Group Members and Family and Friends that came and made the exercise such a great success and a very special thank you goes to Amaia Taylor, niece of team member, Ana Toole, who donated her special ‘Easter Chick’ for us to use instead of an Easter Bunny.